Hi folks!

I'm Miguel. Here I write mainly about programming and side projects.

Currently working as a Remote Software Engineering contractor at Gencove and running a side project called Cloud Outdated with a friend.

How to write a program that can replicate itself

Grotsky is a toy programming language that I made for fun. Today we're visinting the concept of Quines, a.k.a. self replicating programs. It's said that any turing-complete language should be able to write a program that replicates itself. And grotsky is no exception.

Migrate from Heroku to

A couple weeks ago Heroku announced the removal. I have plenty of projects running on free dynos. I have taken some time to move my code to And also I've written a little tutorial of how to perform the migration.

Branchable MySQL: Managing multiple dev environments

When teams start to grow, having a single dev environment becomes an issue. People start stepping on each others toes. A common problem is that two people want to apply incompatible migrations on the database. That problem is impossible to fix if folks are working on parallel branches. If we can have a database for each branch of a project, that will remove much of the pain of having multiple devs applying changes to the db.

Webscraping as a side project

Cloud Outdated is a personalized digest of updates for cloud services. Works like a newsletter where you can choose which services you want to get notified about. For example: Subscribe to AWS Lambda with Python runtime, and you'll get an email when 3.10 is supported.

Playing with Javascript Proxies (getters/setters)

In this last post of the year I play with proxies in an attempt to create a Javascript object where changes are appended to a log and can be reverted by deleting the last element of the log using getters and setters.

Grotsky Part 3: Interpreting

Part 3 of building my own language series. Interpreting expressions and statement, traversing the Abstract Syntax Tree.

Grotsky Part 1: Syntax

Part 1 of building my own language series. Defining the syntax of grotsky toy language.

Sudoku Solver

Iterative + recursive sudoku solver using python magic methods.

Crafting interpreters

Lox language interpreter based on the book by Bob Nystrom.